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Let's invent!
  • 9-Tech

    9-Tech is a new innovative start-up that studies and prototypes new processes and pilot plants in the context of circular economy, in particular technology for the recovery of strategic metals from e-waste. It has a pilot plant and three patents on PV modules recycling.

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We produce nano materials like no one else!
  • Adianano

    Adianano is focused on developing new method of high-quality nano-materials. Using microwave exfoliation company creates composition of nano-silicon coated in graphene. Focus is bringing to the market composition as a promising material to substitute graphite, which is one of the main components of lithium-ion battery on the anode side.

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AMEN New Technologies

A Novel Impetus in Technological Development
  • AMEN New Technologies

    AMEN New Technologies focuses on the R&D (research and development) of innovative technologies from laboratory to industrial scale mainly for the benefit of the environment. ​ Following the technological developments in energy applications as well as in advanced materials worldwide, we aim to provide a novel impetus in technological development at the National, European, and Global levels.

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Make a concrete change
  • Betolar

    Betolar’s mission is to lower CO2 emissions and the use of virgin raw materials in construction. We are a pioneering materials technology company focusing on turning industrial side streams into value. We offer a continuous competitive edge to companies in the construction, mining and concrete industries and enable the transition towards a sustainable built environment - socially, environmentally and economically.

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Circular Materials

Clean Water. Pure Metals. Transforming Industrial Wastewater into Valuable Resources.
  • Circular Materials

    Circular Materials is an innovative company focused on revolutionizing the raw materials industry by offering sustainalbe recycling and recovery technologies and processes. We harness innovative technologies to extract valuable metals from industrial waste and wastewaters, reducing environmental impact and promoting a sustainable, circular economy for future generations.

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Nothing Easier Than That!
  • CMMC

    CMMC casts continuous innovative lightweight materials "Made in Germany". In response to the growing demands for lightweight construction, energy savings, and resource efficiency, we have developed novel composites that elegantly combine the properties of disparate materials. In this way, we do away with the limitations imposed by the use of monolithic materials. Our patented process enables the series-production of particle-reinforced aluminium alloys (AMC) for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering companies, and aerospace.

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Recycling NdFeB permanent magnets

    The aim of ECOMAGNET is to recover sintered NdFeB magnets that have been discarded. ECOMAGNET´s technology involves the separation and classification of the magnets and manufacture of recycled NdFeB magnet powder. Thus, the product offered by ECOMAGNET consists of recycled anisotropic NdFeB powder which, in turn, will then be used as raw material for the manufacture of new NdFeB magnets.

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From hazardous waste to reusable raw materials !
  • EPSE

    Finland-based Epse specialises in the treatment of industrial and mining wastewater containing soluble metals. The unique and energy efficient EPSE™ Method decreases the treatment cost of water containing soluble metals, helps businesses transition to the circular economy, and conserves natural resources and the environment.

    Our patented new technology is ideal for the:

    • purification of process and wastewater containing metals
    • achievement of closed water cycles
    • recovery of valuable metals for reuse
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Electrifying Synthesis
  • ESy-Labs

    ESy-Labs develops sustainable electrosynthetic processes for recycling inorganic waste streams and synthesis of organic fine and specialty chemicals. The combination of statistical methods in process development with technical scale up facilities bridges the gap between lab scale and industrial application and reduces innovation cycles for the integration of electrosynthetic processes in industry.

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Making the future affordable


We Empower Green Mobility. One Swap at a Time.
  • Hyba

    Hyba provides swappable modular battery systems and services to power electric vehicles, boats, and industrial applications. Our solutions provide energy in a flexible, simple and sustainable way without compromising on efficiency. In simple terms, we want to make it easy for everyone to choose advanced green technology and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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JPM Silicon

Silicon as a resource for the energy transition
  • JPM Silicon

    JPM Silicon develops and implements technologies for the production, refinement and recycling of silicon. Today, silicon is an indispensable raw material for our society: as an alloying element, in chemical products or in solar cells and computer chips. Yet production is energy-intensive and associated with indirect and direct CO2 emissions.

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We bring hammering to digital era
  • Lekatech

    Finland-based Lekatech Oy is a pioneer of electric technology. As an industry manufacturer of mining, construction and quarrying machines, Lekatech has developed the linear electric technology for hammering, the first of its kind in the world. The company is growth-oriented and recognized by several European funding instruments and by globally leading OEMs, as well as end customers.

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Luffy AI

Luffy AI – driving the next generation of intelligent machines
  • Luffy AI

    Our mission is to help our customers improve productivity, safety and sustainability through intelligent control systems. Our Adaptive AI Controllers enable operators to extract the maximum potential from their equipment, without the need for expert human input, allowing you to focus on your core value-add activities.

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Mantis BI

We simplify innovation management
  • Mantis BI

    Mantis BI supports large private and public organisations in resolving real business and operational challenges via innovation management. Our services include innovation programs and scouting while our innovation management software - Mantis IMS - offers a holistic solution to automate procedures with a triple system for submission, evaluation, and monitoring of innovation proposals. Mantis IMS is a business intelligence platform facilitating a data-driven decision-making process.

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A deeper level to sustainability
  • Minviro

    Minviro is a science-based consultancy and software provider - offering a deeper level to your sustainability journey. We bring the knowledge and tools necessary for impact reduction to people and businesses globally.

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Multispectral Microscopic Technologies

Affordable Automated Mineralogy for small and medium metal mines
  • Multispectral Microscopic Technologies

    MMT is a start-up established for the commercialisation of the AMCO System, an innovative multispectral reflected light optical microscopy solution for the automated characterisation of metal ores.

    The benefits of our system:

    • Affordable to mining companies of any size
    • Does not require highly specialized personnel for its operation
    • Robust and portable: can be installed in a typical mine laboratory
    • Analyzes many times more pixels than SEM-EDS in a given time
    • More reliable than SEM-EDS for some types of ores, e.g. iron oxides.

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Particular Materials

Excellence in Nanoparticles
  • Particular Materials

    Particular Materials is a pioneering company specializing in developing and manufacturing advanced nanomaterials. A unique, scalable process to deliver cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries. Elemental offers an innovative traceability solution using metal-oxide nanoparticles to invisibly tag critical raw materials, ensuring transparency and sustainability throughout the value chain.

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Remote Sensing Business Solutions

Revolutionising mining on Earth and beyond, with AI-powered satellite data and autonomous technology
  • Remote Sensing Business Solutions

    Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for the mining, oil & gas, and automotive industries through cutting-edge satellite data processing.

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ZaaK Technologies

Upcycling Wastes Through Innovation
  • ZaaK Technologies

    ZaaK Technologies has developed the world’s first technology to upcycle mineral inorganic wastes and by-products to lightweight fine aggregates called Lypors®. ZaaK is offering industrial waste producers a technological solution for disposing of their waste and, at the same time, offering a premium secondary raw material for the construction industry.

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